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New LED GU10 24SMD launched on July

Good news, after months of design and testing, we are delighted to launch our new LED GU10 24SMD bulb. Similar to NxtGen Non-dimmable GU10 LED bulb, but our advantage is to design based on the original GU10 reflector, with improved brightness, lower power consumption. Compared to NxtGen, our GU10 bulb is more economical to meet all customers' requirement, no need to make the new mould which can save quite a lot for customers. What's more, same brightness, 380lm lumens which can replace the 50W halogen, lower power consumption, only 4W, to be real energy saving and offer you a more comfortable light output. The real energy saving, it means that higher lumens, lower power consumption. This is why we would like to choose LED lighting for replacement.
So for more info, welcome to contact us anytime. thanks!